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SIGMA announces the SIGMA fp L

SIGMA announces the SIGMA fp L

- SIGMA Imaging Nordic

Launching in April 2021.


SIGMA is pleased to announce the launch of the SIGMA fp L, a new member of the SIGMA fp series of the world’s smallest and lightest* full-frame digital single-lens mirrorless cameras. Equipped with a full-frame Bayer sensor with approximately 61 effective megapixels. Thanks to this 61MP image sensor, the SIGMA fp L boasts outstanding resolving power, while remaining true to the SIGMA fp development concepts; the world’s smallest and lightest pocketable full-frame camera, seamless STILL / CINE switch and excellent customizability and scalability.

With an excellent crop zoom that capitalizes on its ample megapixels, it offers users levels of image quality and creative range that are only possible with an ultra-high pixel camera. It also comes with an array of new features and accessories, which will make shooting more user friendly, including hybrid autofocus (AF) that combines contrast- and phase-detection, and USB charging
while the camera is on. A new optional external electronic viewfinder EVF-11 will be available with the camera.

The SIGMA fp L takes full advantage of high-resolution, giving the world’s smallest and lightest pocketable full-frame linup a boost. With the new SIGMA fp L, SIGMA presents you another option in the fp series, which offers a joy of taking pictures with just the features that you truly need - nothing more, nothing less.

* As of March 2021, by SIGMA

SIGMA fp development concepts and its three keys
Endlessly flexible and adaptable, a user-oriented camera for people who know what they want to shoot and what they want to create. Making a camera such as this a reality relies on three key concepts that represent the SIGMA fp series identity.

Pocketable Full-frame
Small in size, big on quality. Perfect for carrying anywhere.

From vintage lenses to modern gadgets, up to professional movie setup. Creating your own style has never been so easy. Customize your fp just the way you want it, to suit what you want to do.

Capturing your best moments. Change shooting models with just a flip of a switch. Capture the moment whether it is video or stills, beyond the boundaries of style or genre.

Key Features - Four features newly available on the SIGMA fp L

61 megapixels. The highest resolution presented by SIGMA.
The SIGMA fp L features a Bayer sensor with approximately 61 effective megapixels, higher than any other SIGMA camera. In addition to images with fine details, the fp L is capable of creating images that are high-definition and rich in color. Thanks to its ultra-high pixel count and SIGMA’s experience in developing cameras with Foveon sensor, are renowed for both the exceptional resolving power and nuanced color gradients due to the unique nature of the X3 sensor. The fp L is also using a low-pass filter to reduce moiré to minimum levels.

Crop Zoom
With a high pixel count images can stand extreme zooming or cropping, that works in both the STILL and CINE modes. Thanks to its ample megapixels, the fp L can record in full HD quality even at its maximum 5x zoom. This is accomplished simply by cropping with no digital enhancement, with no suffering of the image quality. To use it in a more intuitive way, you can pinch to zoom on the
LCD touch screen.

Hybrid Autofocus
In addition to high-precision contrast AF, the SIGMA fp L features fast image area phase-detection AF. This hybrid AF allows users to enjoy smooth autofocus that is high-precision, fast and excellent at tracking a moving subject, whether they are shooting stills or videos.

Unlimited Power Supply
The SIGMA fp L supports USB charging while the camera is on. You can shoot without interruption while charging the camera using a mobile battery. This means that you can use it for long hours without having to worry about the battery dying on you.

Webcam Features
Using the fp L as a webcam is very quick and easy! When using it as a webcam, just connect the fp L to a computer via USB and it works as an audio and video input device while getting its power supply from the computer.

Director’s Viewfinder
An essential tool for a film director that simulates shooting ranges of cinema cameras by major manufacturers*.
*Will be available on SIGMA fp via firmware update scheduled a later date.

Accessories and new features common for the fp series

External Electronic Viewfinder
The SIGMA Electronic Viewfinder EVF-11 is an external EVF designed exclusively for use with the SIGMA fp series. With its 0.5-inch, 3.68 million-dot organic electroluminescent diode (OLED) panel, this high-resolution viewfinder will make creating photos a more enjoyable experience. With a magnification of 0.83x, this high-luminance, high-definition EVF provides excellent visibility. The tilting mechanism of the EVF-11 which angles upwards to 90 degrees, enables users to shoot from a low angle more comfortably. Together with the LCD Viewfinder LVF-11, the launch of EVF-11 offers
SIGMA fp series the chance to choose a viewfinder to suit their particular shooting needs.

Save / Load Settings* are easier than ever
With the fp L, you can now save a custom camera setting. Saved settings can be kept as QR code image data, so you can load many patterns of settings very quickly. Also making it easy to share custom settings with one another by exchanging QR codes with other users.
*QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Inc.

Powder Blue & Duotone
Powder Blue is a color mode with a bright and clear feel, while Duotone turns the colors of an image into a striking two-color gradient. With the addition of these two new models to SIGMA’s ample choice of color modes originally featured on the fp series, there are now a total of 15 color modes to choose from. It is sure to bring a greater range and freedom to your still and video image
creation with the fp series.

Recommended Price (incl. VAT)
fp L                                  19 000 DKK
fp L + EVF-11 Kit            23 000 DKK
EVF-11                               5 200 DKK

fp L                                  085126939038
fp L + EVF-11 Kit            085126939076
EVF-11                            085126939045

SIGMA Imaging Nordic
SIGMA Imaging Nordic is a subsidiary of SIGMA Corporation, Japan. SIGMA develops, produces and sell high quality premium lenses and cameras for photography and video creatives. To ensure the highest quality, SIGMA manufacture every single part at our own factory in Aizu, Japan.

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